All Star Club


The North Central Alberta Baseball League
presents the 2019 home club
Morinville Jiffy Lube Club All-Stars
Lee Worobec #3 Stony Plain Mets Voted Voted
Taylor Heck #15 Westlock Red Lions Selected Pitcher
Darren Adams #2 Stony Plain Mets Selected Pitcher
Kervin Dryburgh #50 Sherwood Park Athletics Selected Pitcher
Mike Falkins #22 Sherwood Park Athletics Voted Catcher
Sean Beaudoin #9 Westlock Red Lions Selected First Base
Jordan Brand #4 Westlock Red Lions Selected Second Base
Andrew Slinko * #6 Stony Plain Mets Voted Second Base
Henry Duke #8 Sherwood Park Athletics Voted Third Base
Cody McElroy #2 Sherwood Park Athletics Selected Shortstop
Austin Simper #52 Sherwood Park Athletics Voted Outfield
Pat Rains #12 Westlock Red Lions Selected Outfield
Evan Hole #21 Sherwood Park Athletics Selected Outfield
Carson Kirwer #28 Sherwood Park Athletics Selected Outfield
Dan McDonald #5 Stony Plain Mets Selected Outfield
Peter Shepert #7 Edmonton Athletics Voted Utility
Sean Beaudoin #9 Westlock Red Lions Selected Utility
Brett McElroy #16 Sherwood Park Athletics Lead Club Manager
Chris Brand #8 Westlock Red Lions Coach

*not in uniform

The North Central Alberta Baseball League
presents the 2019 visiting club
Beverly Optimist Club All-Stars
Kyle Fagnan #19 Edmonton Primeaus Selected Pitcher
Brandon Larsen #8 St. Albert Cardinals Selected Pitcher
Josh Turner #26 Edmonton Blackhawks Selected Pitcher
Doug Morris #8 Edmonton Primeaus Selected Pitcher
Dave Ried #2 Edmonton Primeaus Selected Catcjer
Jake Enright #22 St. Albert Cardinals Selected Catcher
Joe Pasychnyk #44 Parkland Twins Voted First Base
Craig Fagnan #13 Edmonton Primeaus Selected First Base
Nic Arlia #15 St. Albert Cardinals Selected Second Base
Ryan Poeter #44 Edmonton Primeaus Selected Third Base
Regan Hoet #31 Edmonton Blackhawks Voted Shortstop
Hayden Chies #6 St. Albert Cardinals Voted Outfield
Grayson Roth #9 Edmonton Blackhawks Voted Outfield
Chris Mott #3 Edmonton Primeaus Selected Outfield
Mitch King #9 St. Albert Cardinals Selected Outfield
Craig Fagnan #13 Edmonton Primeaus Lead Club Manager
Mike Pouget NA Edmonton Primeaus Coach
Kevin Poeter NA Edmonton Primeaus Coach
We wish to acknowledge the wonderful volunteers who will be handling the following tasks
Official Scorer: Cathy Fagnan
Public Address: Chuck Keller
Scoreboard: Ed Ewasiuk
All-Star Selection: Earl Thompson
Baseball Coordinator: Chyan Brand
Gate Attendant: Pat Crawford
Gate Attendant: Don Shepert

Final Score: Beverly Optimist All-Stars: 7 Morinville Jiffy Lube All-Stars: 2