2008 North Central Alberta Baseball League All Star Club

2008 All-Star Selections as chosen through League wide voting

Mike Cote  Mayerthorpe Mets  Pitcher  Ballot points: 35
Brandon Strocki  Parkland White Sox  Catcher  Ballot points: 25|
Andrew Hoffman**  Legal Indians  First base  Ballot points: 40
Ryan Rau  Westlock Red Lions  Second base  Ballot points: 35
Dustin Reschny  Edmonton Blackhawks  Third base  Ballot points: 25
Derek Ewart**  Parkland White Sox  Shortstop  Ballot points: 30
Ryan Lyster**  Mayerthorpe Mets  Outfield  Ballot points: 40
Jordan Riopel  Camrose Axemen  Outfield  Ballot points: 30
Craig Fagnan  Legal Indians  Outfield  Ballot points: 25
Darren Meloche  Mayerthorpe Mets  Utility  Ballot points: 20

Final All-Star Selections for Division 1

Representing the Blackhawks, Mets, Red Lions, Axemen, and Athletics in Division 1

Dustin Reschny*  Edmonton Blackhawks  Positions: 5
Ryan Gregg  Edmonton Blackhawks  Positions: 6
Nick Dawson  Edmonton Blackhawks  Positions: 8, 1
Andrew Marck  Edmonton Blackhawks  Positions: 3, 1
Regan Hoyt  Edmonton Blackhawks  Positions: 6
Randy Gregg  Edmonton Blackhawks  Manager
Mike Cote*  Mayerthorpe Mets  Positions: 1
Darren Meloche*  Mayerthorpe Mets  Positions: U
Kyle Geinger  Mayerthorpe Mets  Positions: 1
Ryan Rau*  Westlock Red Lions  Positions: 4
Ryan Teske  Westlock Red Lions  Positions: 7
Adam Sawatzky  Westlock Red Lions  Positions: 2, 1
Jordan Riopel*  Camrose Axemen  Positions: 9
Brett Harke  Camrose Axemen  Positions: 3
Scott Peterson  Camrose Axemen  Positions: 1
Wes Harrison  Camrose Axemen  Coach
Peter Shepert  Edmonton Athletics  Positions: 2, 8, 1

Final All-Star Selections for Division 2

Representing the Indians, White Sox, Warriors, Stars, and Paladins in Division 2

Craig Fagnan*  Legal Indians  Positions: 7
Sam Ewanishan  Legal Indians  Positions: 2
Kyle Fagnan  Legal Indians  Positions: 1
Ivan Brisson  Legal Indians  Positions: 9
Shawn Ohman  Legal Indians  Positions: 1
Greg Bentz  Legal Indians  Positions: 4
Derek St. Laurent  Legal Indians  Manager
Brad Walde  Parkland White Sox  Positions: 8
Derek Ewart*  Parkland White Sox  Positions: 6
Jamie Cameron  Parkland White Sox  Positions: 1
Brandon Strocki*  Parkland White Sox  Positions: 2
Ryan Petryshyn  Edmonton Warriors  Positions: 1
Ryan Kotlarchuk  Edmonton Warriors  Positions: 5, 1
Bobby Duma  Edmonton Warriors  Positions: 6
Craig Hinchey  Sturgeon Paladins  Positions: 3
Adrien Ballek  Sturgeon Paladins  Positions: 8
James Turnbull  Sturgeon Paladins  Positions: 1

* designates players voted to the All-Star Club league wide

** designates players currently on the injured list or otherwise unable to attend