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North Central Alberta Baseball League
Post Season Schedule

Keller Field in Westlock, Alberta

Championship Final Series:
Parkland White Sox                 14                    Legal Indians                0
Parkland White Sox                  3                    Legal Indians                2 (3 extra innings)
League Champions:  Parkland White Sox
Most Valuable player in the League Championship Series:  Aaron Huber
Most Valuable Player of the Year:  Mike Cote
Top ten in the running for Most Valuable Player of the Year
                                                                       Ballot points
Mike Cote                   Mets                                     58
Derek Ewart                White Sox                             49
Kyle Geinger               Mets                                     40
Nick Dawson               Blackhawks                           38
Dustin Grenya             Stars                                     25
Andrew Hoffman          Indians                                   25
Matt Kukovica             Indians                                   24
John Lee                    Blackhawks                            23
Scott Peterson           Axemen                                  18
Tyson Stasiuk            Athletics                                 17 
Most Promising Junior Aged Player:  Andrew Marck
Runners up in the voting for Most Promising Junior Player
Andrew Marck            Blackhawks                            35
Brandon Strocki         White Sox                               31
Nick Dawson             Blackhawks                             23
Kyle Fagnan              Indians                                    21
Kyle Geinger             Mets                                       20
Manager of the Year:  Randy Gregg of the Blackhawks
Ken Schultz Memorial Award to a Builder, Promoter, Administrator, or Umpire
Awarded to Raymond Senkoe of Westlock in the Builder category


Semi-Final Series A:
Parkland White Sox        10        Edmonton Blackhawks        1
Parkland White Sox         5         Edmonton Blackhawks        2
Parkland White Sox advance to the League Championship Series
Semi-Final Series B:
Legal Indians                  6          Mayerthorpe Mets               3
Legal Indians                10          Mayerthorpe Mets               6
Legal Indians advance to the League Championship Series