All Star Club

Players Voted to the 2011 All-Star Club

Position   Player  Club  Ballots 
Pitcher  Trela, Mark  Edmonton Athletics  40
Catcher  Hoekstra, Scott  Parkland Whitesox  30
1B  Harke, Brett  Camrose Axemen  15
2B  McElroy, Brett  Sherwood Park Athletics  30
3B  Brenholen, Padon  Sherwood Park Athletics  35
SS  Radke, Kyle  Parkland Whitesox  25
OF  Brand, Chris  Westlock Red Lions  35
OF  Walde, Brad  Parkland Whitesox  25
OF  Shepert, Peter  Edmonton Athletics  25
Utility  Swap, Nathan  Westlock Red Lions  30

North Central Alberta Baseball League as of July 7:

Division 2:  Westlock Red Lions  2nd
   Sherwood Park Athletics  4th
   Edmonton Athletics  6th
   Legal Indians  8th
   Edmonton Jays  10th
Division 1:  Parkland Whitesox  1st
   Edmonton Blackhawks  3rd
   Camrose Axemen  5th
   Edmonton Warriors  7th
   Mayerthorpe Mets  9th
   Sturgeon Paladins  11th

The North Central Alberta Baseball League has utilized several different formats over the course of the past 44 years to expose baseball fans to a sampling of its best possible product. Currently, Managers are appointed from the two leading clubs in the standings as of early July. Ten players from across the League are first selected using a balloting system. Managers and coaches next select the remaining All-Stars from clubs in their own division to a maximum roster limit of fifteen players. All clubs are represented in this annual classic by at least one player.

Division 1 All-Star Club    Division 2 All-Star Club
Player  Home  No.    Player  Home  No.
Hoekstra, Scott *  Whitesox  47    Brand, Chris *  Red Lions  8
Jones, Matt  Whitesox  60    Miller, Trevor  Red Lions  20
Radke, Kyle *  Whitesox  10    Sawatzky, Adam  Red Lions  14
Turner, Josh  Whitesox  5    Swap, Nathan *  Red Lions  2
Walde, Brad *  Whitesox  74    Brenholen, Padon *  SP Athletics  13
Ewanishan, Sam  Blackhawks  5    Falkins, Mike  SP Athletics  22
Gregg, Ryan  Blackhawks  14    Kenyon, Callen  SP Athletics  3
Kukovica, Matt  Blackhawks  21    Vaughan, Colin  SP Athletics  9
Harke, Brett *  Axemen  25    Shepert, Peter *  Ed. Athletics  7
Ofrim, Steve  Axemen  17    Trela, Mark *  Ed. Athletics  19
Zimmer, Cal  Axemen  11    McCaffrey, Brandon  Jays  14
Penner, Jordan  Warriors  21    Petty, Trevor  Jays  6
Geinger, Kyle  Mets  15    Rau, Ryan  Red Lions  M
St. Jean, Scott  Paladins  30        
Jones, Doug  Whitesox  M        

* designates a player who was voted onto the All-Star Club

M designates the Manager whose club was in either first or second place in the standings as of July 7th