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Big League Sports All-Stars Beverly Optimist All-Stars
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Matt Kukovica * 1 Blackhawks voted Jason Tripp 1 Sh.Pk. Athletics selected
Adam Sawatzky 1 Red Lions selected Nick Audette 1 Edmt. Athletics selected
David Schneider 1 Blackhawks selected Marc Trela 1 Edmt. Athletics selected
McLean Cruthers 1 Cardinals selected John Kelndorfer 2 Axemen selected
TJ Oliwa 2 Red Lions voted Gareth Ho 3 Sh.Pk. Athletics selected
Rob Horner 2 Warriors selected Paden Brenholen 4 Sh.Pk. Athletics selected
Jason Louis 3 Indians voted Cody McElroy 5 Sh.Pk. Athletics selected
Matt Biollo 3 Cardinals selected Paul Ofrim 6 Axemen voted
Ryan Gregg 4 Blackhawks voted Tyler Lyster * 6 Mets selected
Dustin Reschney 5 Blackhawks voted Ryan Demchuk OF Sh.Pk. Athletics voted
Nathan Swap 5 Red Lions selected Ryan Lyster OF Mets voted
Jarret Klim 6 Cardinals selected Luc Riopel OF Axemen selected
Kyler Hawley 6 Cardinals selected Brett McElroy OF Sh.Pk. Athletics placement
Evan Hoffman * OF Warriors voted Jason Turnbull U Paladins selected
Hayden Chies OF Cardinals selected        
Chris Brand OF Red Lions selected        
Sean Beaudoin U Red Lions voted        
Aaron Watemaniuk U Red Lions selected        
Adam Sawatzky Manager  Red Lions Placement Brett McElroy Manager Sh.Pk. Athletics Placement
Ray Brown Coach Cardinals Placement        
Derek St. Laurent Coach Indians Placement        

* Injured and not participating in the All-Star Game


Position Player Home Club All-Star Club Ballots
Pitcher Matt Kukovica Blackhawks Big League Sports 30
Catcher TJ Oliwa Red Lions Big League Sports 35
First base Jason Louis Indians Big League Sports 40
Second base Ryan Gregg Blackhawks Big League Sports 25
Third base Dustin Reschney Blackhawks Big League Sports 25
Shortstop Paul Ofrim Axemen Beverly Optimist 30
Outfield Evan Hoffman Warriors Big League Sports 30
Outfield Ryan Demchuk Sh. Pk. Athletics Beverly Optimist 25
Outfield Ryan Lyster Mets Beverly Optimist 20
Utility Sean Beaudoin Red Lions Big League Sports 45