NCABL Regular Season Schedule 2017

Updated 5/19/2017 2:51 AM
Day Date Time Game Visitor Score Home Score
Sunday May-07 2:00 PM 1 Edmonton Primeaus 2 Edmonton Blackhawks 11
2 St. Albert Cardinals RO Westlock Red Lions RO
Wednesday May-10 7:15 PM 3 Sturgeon Paladins 1 Stony Plain Mets 3
4 Edmonton Blackhawks 11 Edmonton Athletics 0
Friday May 12 7:15 PM 2 St. Albert Cardinals 5 Westlock Red Lions 10
Tuesday May-16 7:15 PM 6 Edmonton Blackhawks 13 St. Albert Cardinals 7
Wednesday May-17 7:15 PM 7 Stony Plain Mets 8 Westlock Red Lions 4
8 Sturgeon Paladins 5 Camrose Axemen 4
Thursday May-18 7:15 PM 5 Camrose Axemen 4 Sherwood Pk. Athletics 11
Tuesday May-23 7:15 PM 9 Camrose Axemen Edmonton Primeaus
Wednesday May-24 7:15 PM 10 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Edmonton Athletics
11 Stony Plain Mets Edmonton Blackhawks
Thursday May-25 7:15 PM 12 Westlock Red Lions Sturgeon Paladins
Sunday May-28 1:30PM/DH 13 Camrose Axemen Stony Plain Mets
14 Camrose Axemen Stony Plain Mets
Tuesday May-30 7:15 PM 15 St. Albert Cardinals Edmonton Primeaus
Sunday Jun-04 1:30PM/DH 16 Edmonton Athletics Westlock Red Lions
17 Edmonton Athletics Westlock Red Lions
18 Stony Plain Mets Edmonton Primeaus
19 Stony Plain Mets Edmonton Primeaus
Wednesday Jun-07 7:15 PM 20 Camrose Axemen Edmonton Athletics
Thursday Jun-08 7:15 PM 21 Westlock Red Lions Sherwood Pk. Athletics
Jun 9-11
Starchuk-Semeniuk Memorial Tournament
Hosted by the Chiefs Alumni hosted by the Chiefs Alumni @ Pine
Creek Park, Waskatenau
Monday Jun-12 7:15PM 22 Edmonton Athletics Edmonton Blackhawks
Tuesday Jun-13 7:15 PM 23 Sturgeon Paladins Edmonton Primeaus
Wednesday Jun-14 7:15 PM 24 St. Albert Cardinals Camrose Axemen
25 Edmonton Athletics Stony Plain Mets
Friday Jun-16 7:15 PM 26 Edmonton Primeaus Sherwood Pk. Athletics
27 Sturgeon Paladins Edmonton Blackhawks
Sunday Jun-18 1:30PM/DH 28 Sherwood Pk. Athletics St. Albert Cardinals
29 Sherwood Pk. Athletics St. Albert Cardinals
38 Edmonton Primeaus Edmonton Athletics
39 Edmonton Primeaus Edmonton Athletics
Tuesday Jun-20 7:15 PM 30 Westlock Red Lions St. Albert Cardinals
Wednesday Jun-21 7:15 PM 31 Stony Plain Mets Sturgeon Paladins
32 Edmonton Blackhawks Camrose Axemen
Thursday Jun-22 7:15 PM 33 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Edmonton Blackhawks
Sunday Jun-25 1:30PM/DH 34 Westlock Red Lions Camrose Axemen
35 Westlock Red Lions Camrose Axemen
36 St. Albert Cardinals Sturgeon Paladins
37 St. Albert Cardinals Sturgeon Paladins
Tuesday Jun-27 7:15 PM 40 Stony Plain Mets St. Albert Cardinals
41 Sturgeon Paladins Edmonton Athletics
Wednesday Jun-28 7:15PM 42 Edmonton Primeaus Westlock Red Lions
Thursday Jun-29 7:15 PM 43 Edmonton Blackhawks Sherwood Pk. Athletics
Tuesday Jul-04 7:15 PM 44 Camrose Axemen Edmonton Blackhawks
45 Westlock Red Lions Edmonton Primeaus
46 Edmonton Athletics St. Albert Cardinals
Thursday Jul-06 7:15 PM 47 Edmonton Primeaus Sturgeon Paladins
48 Stony Plain Mets Sherwood Pk. Athletics
Sat-Sun JULY 8 - 9
John Golonowski Invitational Tournament
Hosted by the Westlock Red Lions @ Keller Field, Westlock
Tuesday Jul-11 7:15 PM 49 Camrose Axemen St. Albert Cardinals
50 Edmonton Blackhawks Edmonton Primeaus
Wednesday Jul-12 7:15 PM 51 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Camrose Axemen
52 Stony Plain Mets Edmonton Athletics
53 Westlock Red Lions Edmonton Blackhawks
Thursday Jul-13 7:15 PM 54 Edmonton Athletics Sturgeon Paladins
Sunday Jul-16 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
All-Star Game - Tail gate party & outdoor entertainment
Hosted by the St. Albert Cardinals @ Legion Park, St. Albert
Tuesday Jul-18 7:15 PM 55 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Edmonton Primeaus
56 Edmonton Blackhawks Sturgeon Paladins
Wednesday Jul-19 7:15 PM 57 Westlock Red Lions Stony Plain Mets
58 Edmonton Primeaus Camrose Axemen
Thursday Jul-20 7:15 PM 59 St. Albert Cardinals Edmonton Athletics
Sunday Jul-23 1:30PM/DH 60 Sturgeon Paladins Sherwood Pk. Athletics
61 Sturgeon Paladins Sherwood Pk. Athletics
Tuesday Jul-25 7:15 PM 62 St. Albert Cardinals Edmonton Blackhawks
63 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Westlock Red Lions
Wednesday Jul-26 7:15 PM 64 Edmonton Blackhawks Stony Plain Mets
Thursday Jul-27 7:15 PM 65 Edmonton Athletics Sherwood Pk. Athletics
66 Camrose Axemen Sturgeon Paladins
Friday Jul-28 7:15 PM 67 Edmonton Blackhawks Westlock Red Lions
Tuesday Aug-01 7:00 PM 68 Edmonton Primeaus St. Albert Cardinals
Wednesday Aug-02 7:00 PM 69 Edmonton Athletics Camrose Axemen
70 Sherwood Pk. Athletics Stony Plain Mets
Thursday Aug-03 7:00 PM 71 Sturgeon Paladins Westlock Red Lions
72 St. Albert Cardinals Stony Plain Mets
Saturday Aug 18-20
Sat - Sun Aug 26-27