Calendar of Important Dates 2014

March 31 Spring Bi-Annual Meeting:  SAMBA Clubhouse in St. Albert @ 7:00 pm
Final day for submission of website advertising with payments.  All League fees due in full.
April 13 Annual Umpires’ Meeting:  SAMBA Clubhouse in St. Albert @ 2:00 pm (Sunday)
April 19 NCABL Poster Series and baseball pick-up day from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm
April 20-30 Poster distribution campaign.  The public relations director on every club should be familiar with his duties described in the Manual under Sections #21-I, J, and K.
April 26 Official Scoring Clinic:  Hillcrest Junior High School in Edmonton from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.
May 1 Deadline for fax or scanned E-mail submission of the Poster Distribution List .
May 7 Opening day in the NCABL.
June 1 Digital photos from all clubs due to League Office.
(No late submissions accepted)
June 1 NCABL player registration deadline.
June 15 NCABL player pick-up deadline for clubs entering Baseball Alberta competition.
July 1 NCABL late player registration deadline - Deadline for umpire selections to League Office for LCS appointments: optional.
July 10 NCABL All-Star Club balloting deadline - NCABL standings cut-off date for All-Star Club allocations.
July 15 Baseball Alberta club registration and player roster deadline.
July 22 NCABL All-Star Game:  Harry Andreassen Park in Camrose @ 7:45 pm.
August 1 NCABL nomination deadline for the Ken Schultz Memorial Award
NCABL Most Promising Junior Player Award balloting deadline
NCABL Manager of the Year Award balloting deadline
NCABL Fan of the Year nomination deadline: optional
NCABL Education Grant application deadline.
August 2-4 Baseball Alberta Senior AA Provincial Championship: Site TBA
Pow Wow Days 100th Invitational Tournament in Lac la Biche.
August 8 NCABL regular season deadline date.
August 12 NCABL Most Valuable Player of the Year balloting deadline.
August 16-17 NCABL Semi-Final Championship Series & Awards in Westlock.
August 23-24 NCABL Final Championship Series & Awards.  Highest ranking semi-final winner hosts.
October 1 Baseball Alberta Awards nomination deadline
Baseball Alberta Scholarship Application deadline.
November 1 NCABL Fall Bi-Annual Meeting: SAMBA Clubhouse in St. Albert @ 9:00 am.