Commissioner's Corner

Highlights from the 2018 Sprint Bi-Annual Board of Governors Meeting
A. The NCABL will continue to promote umpire development by accepting two candidates
annually into its umpire mentorship program.
B. The High School Outreach Program was dropped by the Board of Governors in favour of
a volunteer approach to umpire recruitment.
C. The NCABL will be entertaining talks with Baseball Alberta in the hope of establishing
an affiliation with the provincial body
D. D. An 84 game regular season home-home-and home schedule was approved for 2018.
E. The NCABL is actively seeking the help of one or more volunteers who would assume
specific responsibilities of their choosing in the social media sphere.
F. Six core umpires were officially approved to work the NCABL this season. ! !
Congratulations to Matt Beaudry, Alex Becigneul, Jim Crawford, Shane Hoetmer, !!
Winston Tuttle, and Bill Duncan. They will be assisted by a number of casual umpires
who will all be assigned to duty at the annual umpire meeting on April 14th.
G. The 2018 Official Scoring Clinic on April 28th in Edmonton will be incorporating a live
game into its training regime for returning scorers for the first time.
H. H. The 2018 All-Star Game will be played at Remax Field on Wednesday, July 25th.
I. The League has sadly bid farewell to the Camrose Axemen after a ten year presence in
the NCABL which included four post-season appearances and two pennants.
J. The NCABL will once again utilize a three-man umpire umpiring crew in the post-season.

North Central Alberta Baseball League

Highlights from the 2017 Spring Board of Governors Meeting

A. Governors will be looking at giving new life to the High School Outreach Program by revisiting it in the fall. The recruitment of young athletes for the umpire mentorship program was the central purpose of this initiative.
B. A comprehensive report on the 50th anniversary events was presented. Governors have been asked to provide their current player rosters to League Office along with E-mail addresses before April 1. The League will then automatically add the 2017 rosters onto its alumni registry guaranteeing that all current players will be receiving an invitation to the week-end reunion.
C. Commissioner Riopel will have presented the League's package of 50th anniversary activities to ten municipal councils before mid-April.
D. The NCABL will proudly open its Hall of Fame on April 6th in Morinville. The Hall will be the first sport specific Hall of Fame to have been opened by an independent League in Alberta.
E. The All-Star Game, hosted by the St. Albert Cardinals, will feature a family themed tail gate party on July 16th, 2017.
F. The alumni week-end taking place from August 18-20th in Westlock, Alberta will feature an NCABL presence in Friday's parade plus a meet and greet called "The NCABL Story" on Friday night. Fifty impact players from all ten decades will be honoured on this night.
G. An alumni golf tournament has been included in the festivities for the 50th.
H. A sport and leisure expo called "Salute to Out Communities" will be a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon during the alumni week-end with many municipalities present each offering a free raffle on great prizes. A main stage will buzz with entertainment from local high schools, while a few interactive games will surely keep dad and sons busy challenging one another.
I. Festivities will officially close with the 50th anniversary gala banquet featuring well known media types who will be spinning their best ever sports related stories. The annual League awards will also be incorporated during the banquet.
J. Early bird invitation packages will be launched on-line sometime in mid-April. The League encourages early registrations by offering great value on week-end packages.
G. Governors will be selling individual tickets to the 50th anniversary gala banquet beginning in early May.
L. The Orioles will not be returning to the NCABL for the 50th edition. Nine returning clubs will be playing a 72 game schedule which begins on May 7th.
M. Two clubs are on the move. The Blackhawks will be playing out of the Edmonton Professional Baseball Park while the Sherwood Park Athletics will be returning to Centennial Park after a multiyear absence.
N. Governors ratified an eight man roster to serve as its core of umpires this season. Named to the core are returnees M. Beaudry, A. Becigneul, J. Crawford, S. Hoetmer, P. Riopel, P. Milberry, and W. Tuttle. Newly appointed to the core will be B. Duncan.
O. The Official Scoring Clinic will be held on Saturday, April 29th, at Bessie Nichols School.
P. Our own Earl Thompson will be back on the air with "Circling the Bases" again this season. Look for a new League twitter account to be opened as well.
Q. An early spring camp for all interested NCABL players will be organized by the Blackhawks sometime in April with dates and times to be posted on our website.
R. Spring Training Camps will once again be including a presentation of the League's Code of Ethics along with particulars on new guidelines related to player and coach ejections.
S. The LCS will be League sponsored for the 50th and held at the Edmonton Professional Baseball Park on August 26th and 27th.
T. Coverage in the post-season will be handled with a three-man umpire system.

Highlights from the 2016 Fall Bi-Annual Board of Governors Meeting

In preparation for the 50th anniversary alumni week-end in 2017, the NCABL hopes to have all press books ready and available for viewing. Helpers with a flair for putting together scrapbooks are welcome to contact League Office and to offer to help.
2 The alumni directory has now received about 300 names, but many remain to be added. If you have played for any of the 63 clubs that have been members of the NCABL at some point in our history, the League needs you to help us find your fellow teammates by volunteering as a club representative. Your team reunion can coincide with our League festivities during Canada's 150th birthday celebrations.
3 The NCABL will be offering a closed advanced baseball scoring session to all of its official scorers next Spring. Attendance is strongly encouraged but remains optional. The annual official scoring clinic will continue to be offered and is scheduled for Saturday, April 29th, 2017.
4 Following a detailed survey, League Governors decided not to expand the geographic boundaries of the NCABL thereby discouraging bids from clubs such as the Cold Lake Cardinals who had expressed some interest in joining the NCABL.
5 The popular podcast "Circling the Bases" will be returning for another series of eighteen weekly airings beginning in May of next year with our host Earl Thompson.
6 The 2017 NCABL regular season will open on Sunday, May 7th.
7 The second of six major celebratory events slated for our 50th anniversary celebrations will be hosted by St. Albert on Sunday, July 16th, and will incorporate the 2017 All-Star Game.
8 The NCABL will be implementing a three-man system for all post-season play beginning in 2017 whenever qualified umpiring personnel are available.
9 Another NCABL banner will be designed and ready for the 2017 season compliments of the Morinville Servus Credit Union.
10 Sanctioned tournaments were deemed to be dispensable and will no longer be a guaranteed fixture in the NCABL.
11 Governors approved the Diamond D1PRO baseball as the official League baseball until the next review in 2019.
12 Governors approved a comprehensive set of disciplinary guidelines to be implemented beginning in 2017. These guidelines delve into both fines and suspensions relating to game control violations.
13 The NCABL will be opening its Hall of Fame on April 6th, 2017, in Morinville's Historical Museum. This event has been in the planning stages for over three years and will be the first of six major events being planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our very progressive League.
14 Commissioner Paul Riopel was returned to his familiar role as Commissioner of the NCABL in 2017. A surprise announcement followed as a new Associate-Commissioner was nominated in the person of Mr. Ed Ewasiuk who will be assisting Mr. Riopel during an action packed season next year.

North Central Alberta Baseball League
Award Ceremony Held on August 19, 2017
During the 50th Anniversary Gala Banquet
Westlock & District Community Hall

Presentation of the Servus Cup
Recipient: Stony Plain Mets

The Stony Plain Mets have ben quietly rebuilding their club over the past two seasons, adding both veteran presence and youth to their line-up. Anchored on the hill by a resurging Josh Turner and strongly supported by veterans like newly inducted Hall of Famer Mike Cote and rookie standout Logan Cameron, the Mets have been a fundamentally sound club all season long registering 14 victories against only 2 losses in regular season play. Although the race for the pennant was tight going into the final week of the regular season. the Mets looked like a relaxed and confident club in that final stretch. Kym Moore, Branch Manager at Morinville Servus Credit Union, presented the Servus Cup, emblematic of regular season supremacy in the NCABL, to the Mets’ management. The Mets are to be congratulated for a highly successful regular season.

Presentation of the All-Star Game MVP
Recipient: Nathan Swap of the Westlock Red Lions

Being that the NCABL was celebrating its 50th consecutive season of operation, the MVP of the All-Star Game was again acknowledged. Nathan Swap of the Westlock Red Lions was honoured for a game well played last July 16th during the NCABL’s ambitious family tail gate party and All-Star Game event in St. Albert commemorating the League’s birthday along with Canada’s 150th. Mentioned by Commissioner Riopel was Nathan’s total dedication and love of the game along with the loyalty he has always displayed to- wards the NCABL Mr. Ed Ewasiuk, Director of this fantastic outdoor event which featured Mourning Wood in full concert, presented the beautiful hand carved trophy to an emotional Nathan Swap.

Presentation of the Bob Kootenay Memorial Award
Presented to the Manager of the Year
Recipient: Brad Walde of the Stony plain Mets

It takes more than a good Manager to lead a club to a pennant. Quality players, a united dugout and a strong work ethic are all components of a successful club. But it can also be said that you cannot easily win a pennant without a good manager. That manager, using whatever style he may have been gifted with, is that person who brings all of these varied components together and who builds a climate which brings every players best attributes to the fore. When we see a club consistently playing its best baseball there are often also other factors at play such as the motivational input of one’s Manager or his ability to make the right changes in a baseball game despite the grumblings they may elicit. For those Managers whose extra time commitment and extra responsibilities often go unnoticed or recognized, the Bob Kootenay Award to the Manager of the Year reminds us all of their important roles in our game. Associate Commissioner Ed Ewasiuk then presented the Bob Kootenay Memorial Award to Manager Brad Walde of the Stony Plain Mets.

Tabulated results for the 2017 Manager of the Year Ballot Points
Brad Walde Stony Plain Mets 53
Hayden Chies St. Albert Cardinals 41
Brett McElroy Sherwood Pk. Athletics 29

Presentation of the Dan Gerlach Memorial Award
Presented to the Most Promising Junior Player of the Year in the NCABL

Recipient: Logan Cameron of the Stony Plain Mets

Logan Cameron was one of those unexpected surprises for the Mets this season. As one observer noted, this kid just came out of nowhere. Well, not quite. Logan did have a great mentor in Jamie Cameron, his brother, and an elite athlete in his own right. Logan rose to prominence in the NCABL in the company of other great young talents who also recorded stellar seasons in the persons of Forrest Hisey of the Sherwood Pk. Athletics and Matt Purschke of the Edmonton Primeaus; but Logan’s versatility and spectacular batting average of .476 could not be denied. Also evident was Logan’s ability to hit for power at such a young age. Adding to Logan’s value was his ability to provide the Mets with some solid innings of work on the mound where he recorded a 3.71 ERA as a rookie. The Mets are excited and the NCABL is equally proud to have young athletes of Logan’s calibre. Presenting the Dan Gerlach Memorial Award to Logan was another athlete whose junior career saw his star rising in the sport of football. Chris Getzlaf of the Edmonton Eskimos, a featured speaker at the Gala , presented the Most Promising Junior Award to Logan.

Tabulated results for the 2017 Most Promising Junior Player of the Year Ballot Points
Logan Cameron Stony Plain Mets 41
Forrest Hisey Sherwood Pk. Athletics 36
Matt Purschke Edmonton Primeaus 23

Presentation of the NCABL Education Grant
Sponsored by Servus Credit Union

Recipient: Lee Worobec of the Stony Plain Mets

This year’s recipient of the NCABL’s Education Grant was presented to Lee Worobec from Barrhead, Alberta. Lee was acquired by the Mets this season when the Barrhead Orioles did not return to the NCABL. As Manager Brad Walde noted, Lee was one of the best acquisitions for his club this season. Lee’s application for the grant was what really influenced the judging for this award, however, in that Lee was able to describe his plans for life not only in the context of sport but in the context of the richness that those trials and tribulations that he had faced in life could bring him as he continues to strive to be the best person that he can be. Lee will be continuing his postsecondary studies in Business at Okanagan College next term and the NCABL wishes him all the success he deserves. Kym Moore, whose personal support thru Servus Credit Union has been unswerving, presented the 2017 Education grant to Lee Worobec of the Stony Plain Mets.

Presentation of the Most Valuable Player of the year Award
Presented to the player who has distinguished himself throughout the regular season by his exceptional offensive and defensive abilities resulting in the highest level of performance.

Recipient: Forrest Hisey of the Sherwood Park Athletics

Last season’s Junior Player of the Year and Education Grant recipient continued to improve and to impress this season while finishing second in balloting for that same award again this season. But Forrest found a path to even greater success this season by capturing the coveted MVP of the Year Award. Hisey recorded a 3.0 ERA on the hill this season for the Sherwood Park Athletics while logging 44 innings of work, the most of any Athletics pitcher. He was often pitted against the toughest opponents and often came up with his best performances against them. He recorded a sizzling batting average of .600 on 25 at bats this season. Forrest was absent for the Award presentation. General Manager of the Athletics, Mr. Pat McElroy, accepted the award on his behalf.

Tabulated results for the 2017 Top Ten Most Valuable Players in the NCABL Ballot Points
Forrest Hisey Sherwood Pk. Athletics 53
Josh Turner Stony Plain Mets 50
Hayden Chies St. Albert Cardinals 44
Adam Sawatzky Westlock Red Lions 37
Regan Hoet Edmonton Blackhawks 36
Kyle Fagnan Edmonton Primeaus 26
Jamie Cameron Stony Plain Mets 23
Alex McGregor Sturgeon Paladins 17
Nelson Brennan Sherwood Pk. Athletics 15
Shawn Noble Camrose Axemen 15

Presentation of the Ken Schultz Memorial Award

Presented to an individual who has distinguished himself/herself over an extended period of time within a franchised area of the NCABL as a builder, administrator, promoter, or umpire in the game of baseball. This is the highest individual honor bestowed by the North Central Alberta Baseball League. The award, annually supported by the Schultz family, commemorates the life and contributions of a member of the Schultz family who showed exemplary courage in battling a life-ending condition while demonstrating his love of the game of baseball by serving as one of the NCABL's elite core of umpires for many years.

Recipient: Pat McElroy of Sherwood Park

Commissioner Riopel took the opportunity to recognize all of the people he referred to as the”pillars of the League”, people whose long years of dedication have built the North Central Alberta Baseball League into one of the best amateur sports leagues in the country. “Year after year they have given up hundreds of hours of personal time and given them freely to all of us as a gift,” he noted. Riopel continued to say that, “This gift that they have given us has allowed all of you to benefit from the practice of a sport which has provided you with a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie, lifelong friendships, and so much more in the way of personal growth and development. Without these selfless people, we would not have much of a league. Ours is strong and vibrant because of them.” he concluded. After having acknowledged all of the recipients of the Ken Schultz Memorial Award since its inception in 1993, Commissioner Riopel called upon Mr. Pat McElroy to receive the award for 2017. Mr. John Short, another feature speaker at the Gala, presented Pat with the award on behalf of the Tim Schultz family whose support of this award has been unwavering. Pat McElroy continues to serve as the general manager of the Athletics and is a long standing volunteer in the sport of baseball.

Presented following the LCFS
Held at Remax Field in Edmonton

Presentation of the Most Valuable Player
Throughout the League Championship Series

Recipient: Chris Brand of the Westlock Red Lion

Chris Brand was a unanimous selection as the 2017 Most Valuable Player of the Championship Series. Brand led the Red Lion post-season offensive assault with a red hot .556 LCSFS batting average equalled only by Nathan Brown among finalists. Brand recorded two outstanding defensive catches while patrolling centre field in that series and continued to gobble up everything hit his way in the final series, just missing on one other outstretched effort in the LCFS which went for a hit. But it was Brand’s RBI output at critical points in two games which solidified his hold on the MVP nod. His timely home run in game three of the LCSFS locked up that series against the Mets. Again in the second game of the final series against the Athletics, in the bottom of the seventh with the score tied at seven, Brand delivered again driving a walk-off double into left field to score the winning run thus finishing the post season as the RBI leader. This was Brand’s second Series’ MVP in three years after winning it in 2015.


Official Scoring Clinic

An official list of all accredited scorers in the NCABL follows below. Please remember that to retain your accreditation in the NCABL you must score a minimum of one regular season or post-season game in the year in which you obtained accreditation and continue to do so in all subsequent years without interruption. Failure to maintain your active status with the NCABL will result in your having to re-certify yourself through attendance at another scoring clinic. Only one official scorer's name may appear on any one game sheet.

Regulations governing the use of official scorers in the NCABL:

A. Clubs must utilize accredited official scorers for all regular season games to avoid penalties.
B. A scorer shall be accredited upon being certified following the completion of a full course at an NCABL sponsored Official Scoring Clinic.
C. Accreditation shall remain in force providing that an official scorer has scored a minimum of one regular or post-season NCABL game without interruption beginning in the year of certification. Otherwise, re-certification is necessary to receive accreditation.
D. Only one Official Scorer per game shall be so designated.
E. All official scorers shall occupy an off-field location and may not double as managers, coaches, or players in any game be they accredited or otherwise.
F. Game summaries shall be computer driven and submitted electronically within 48 hours of game time by the Official Scorer to League Office and both club Managers.
G. Hard copies of the official game sheet shall be mailed to League Office within two days of game time by the Official Scorer.
H. H. Sponsoring clubs shall assume all of the liability for the failure of an Official Scorer to meet any of the requirements stated above

If you wish to inquire as to your status as an official scorer in the NCABL, please direct your inquiries to the

Lists of Accredited Scorers

The North Central Alberta Baseball League partners with Servus

The North Central Alberta Baseball League has been growing younger as many more clubs with an emphasis on development have joined the League in recent years. With an average age hovering around 24 years, it was evident that more youth were looking at playing in the NCABL with an eye to furthering not only their education but their baseball careers as well. This spurned the idea to begin attracting young talent into the NCABL by offering programs which would support both their educational endeavors as well as their baseball development.

Since 2011, the NCABL has been offering a further education grant to one lucky baseball player. If you qualify, do not hesitate to submit your application. Details are as follows:

Who qualifies?

Any NCABL player who is planning to attend a post-secondary institution on a full time basis in the 2018-19 school year.

Said applicant must be officially registered with the NCABL and must have met eligibility requirements for post-season play in the year of application.

Said applicant must be prepared to give proof of full time attendance at a post-secondary institution in the year following receipt of this award.

Application requirements?

The League has kept the application requirements simple to encourage all school bound athletes to apply. Simply submit your complete personal minor baseball history in point form along with the names and phone numbers of at least two of your minor division Managers from different age categories.

Then compose a short essay of 200 to 300 words in which you will be expected to share your views as to how your chosen field of study will help you to realize your personal goals and how these goals might benefit society.

Include the name and address of the institution you plan on attending, and provide the telephone number of the Registrar of this institution.

Deadline for application?

August 1, 2018.  This date does not coincide with the deadline date for regular season play in the NCABL.

Where do I send my application?

Mail your completed application to:

North Central Alberta Baseball League
P.O. Box 3298
Morinville, Alberta
T8R 1S2


Fax your completed application to: North Central Alberta Baseball League