Pandemic Continues Assault on Sports

Although the pandemic posed a considerable threat to the 2020 NCABL season, the League managed, through the dogged persistence of its Governors, to complete an abbreviated regular season followed by a highly successful post-season.  The month of September was flagged as amateur baseball’s new “October” as the NCABL produced three exciting series of baseball which saw a new League Champion crowned preceded by two exciting semi-final series which both went the distance.  The League did not lose the word “consecutive” in describing its 53rd season of play.  Since player safety and adherence to health regulations were uppermost in importance for the League, the NCABL went to great lengths to establish sound protocols which were largely respected by all franchises.  This valuable experience should greatly assist the League in its efforts to launch a 54th season despite looming threats from a virus which has mutated several times and which has reared its ugly head in our province.  The NCABL will definitely continue to work diligently in its preparation for yet another success story in 2021.  Though we may not have all of the resources of the professional sports organizations, the NCABL has remained strong and resilient in the face of all challenges.  This “amateur league with a professional attitude”  attracted several players from other leagues last season who  joined our clubs and went on to enjoy an entertaining season of baseball.  More and more players now have a growing appreciation of the NCABL’s ability to offer a quality product both on and off the field. For this reason, the League anticipates a growing interest from players in other leagues who would prefer playing meaningful baseball within the NCABL in 2021.  

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