Fresh New Website Design to Usher In 2021 Season

Many months have passed since the Board of Governors approved of a plan to revamp its original website and to replace it with a fresh new look and a more interactive display.  Today marks the official launch of that long awaited moment.  As our website continues to be updated so as to incorporate all of its rich historical past, so will it pursue new directions to include more photography, better ad displays, improved integration with our Facebook account,  a more direct interface with our statistical department which will mean much faster access to our club stats, along with timely short news reports on baseball topics of interest to our League.  The full potential of our new website will not be realized instantaneously, but hopefully the improvements will be evident from the time of our launch and will continue to surface as we grow in our familiarity with this new product.  The League is happy to announce that our complete staff responsible for the delivery of our website and statistical package is now in place.  We are grateful for the continued services of our website manager, Jani Painter.  We welcome back into our fold our highly respected Official Statistician, Ryan Petryshyn. We also welcome our newly appointed Chief Clinician, Cathy Fagnan, who will be in charge of future “Official Scoring Clinics” as well as undertaking a supervisory role over all official scorers qualified to work games in the NCABL.

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