2022 post batters

North Central Alberta Baseball League: Top 10 LCS Batters 2022
Note: LCSF stats use minimum Plate Appearances based on games X 2.4 to qualify. Combined LCS stats use minimum 10 PA to qualify
Brand, ChrisWestlock Red Lions0.758864210000000000
Chies, HaydenWestlock Red Lions0.7149754110000020110
Cote, SteveWestlock Red Lions0.6678322200010040210
Lachance, KirkParkland Twins0.5719743300000021200
Stawnichy, TannerFort Saskatchewan Reds0.57631100000011003
Flett, BrennanSt. Albert Cardinals0.57420000010020200
Brown, NathanWestlock Red Lions0.59422100000050001
Hoet, ReganWestlock Red Lions0.510843420001011010
Hockley, JoshFort Saskatchewan Reds0.4297731000000001000
Pollard, ZachSt. Albert Cardinals0.4297730100000002120