Field Crew Saves The Day

With a new local sponsor in their back pocket, the Westlock Power Sports & Marine All-Stars were facing a wash out after an early and unexpected storm hit Keller Field hard on Sunday morning. Undaunted by the prospect of having the 2023 All-Star Game canceled, the Red Lions with help from the Orioles rolled up their sleeves and literally sponged all of the sitting water. The field crew then raked and re-raked from 10:00 a.m. until almost 5:00 pm. When Commissioner Riopel first saw the field in late morning, he was not confident that the boys on the crew could salvage the game. But after a huddle in the midfield, all were unanimous in wanting to give it their best shot and so the Commissioner was told to give them until 6:00 PM and to believe that a transformation was within their power to produce. You could say that their new name saw a fitting introduction to baseball on this day. The power it took to produce the sport these young men love saw them tackle the marine like field conditions and win. With the promise fulfilled, fans came back after a four hour game delay to witness a well played All-Star Game. That’s the spirit, boys. And another reason to cherish the legacy of sport in the Town of Westlock.

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