New Westlock Sponsor Steps Onto the Playing Field

On Sunday, July 23rd, the Power Sports and Marine All-Stars comprised of players from
the Red Lions and Orioles will be facing the Beverly Optimist All-Stars in the annual
NCABL All-Star Game at Keller Field in Westlock, Alberta. Game time is 2:00 PM.
The following players have been either voted in using a League wide balloting process or
selected by Management to participate in this year’s event.

Beverly Optimist All-Stars
Name#Designated Pos.Voted/NPTeam
Tanner McLean-Poll17PitcherVotedSt. Albert Cardinals
Jared Lamb5CatcherVotedParkland Twins
Zach Cox18First BaseVotedFort Saskatchewan Reds
Tanner Stawnichy25Second BaseVotedFort Saskatchewan Reds
Kirk Lachance10Third BaseVoted NPParkland Twins
Ryan Poeter15ShortstopVoted NPParkland Twins
Robert Sullivan13OutfieldVotedSt. Albert Cardinals
Vaughn Rempel27OutfieldVotedParkland Twins
Jake Moger4PitcherSelectedParkland Twins
Kyle Prather13PitcherSelectedFort Saskatchewan Reds
Ryan Gregory7PitcherSelectedFort Saskatchewan Reds
Hayden Rake47First BaseSelectedParkland Twins
Jeff Morris1First BaseSelectedSt. Albert Cardinals
Mason Franko27ShortstopSelectedFort Saskatchewan Reds
Jarrett Wilson77ShortstopSelectedSt. Albert Cardinals
Brennan Flett18OutfieldSelectedSt. Albert Cardinals
Zach Pollard11UtilitySelectedSt. Albert Cardinals
Zach Pollard11ManagerSt. Albert Cardinals
Randy Stawnichy39CoachFort Saskatchewan Reds
NP – designates a player who did not participate in the All-Star Game
Power Sports and Marine All-Stars
Name#Designated Pos.Voted/NPTeam
Chase Visser8OutfieldVotedBarrhead Orioles
Nathan Brown21UtilityVotedWestlock Red Lions
Ryan Rivard6PitcherSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Cole Rivard11PitcherSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Declan Kummer24First BaseSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Colin Lovich22Second baseSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Kaden Wiegand3Third BaseSelectedWestlock Red Lions
Sean Beaudoin9Third BaseSelectedWestlock Red Lions
Kadin Chamzuk43Third BaseSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Nolan Rivard7ShortstopSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Hayden Chies6OutfieldSelectedWestlock Red Lions
Allen Borle10OutfieldSelectedWestlock Red Lions
Matt QuartelNAOutfieldSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Johnny Klein86OutfieldSelectedBarrhead Orioles
Nate Day17UtilitySelectedWestlock Red Lions

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