Red Lions Complete Major Facelift

When Keller Field began to show signs of fatigue and aging, current and former Red Lion players did not lament over the fact that political decisions take time nor over whose responsibility it might be to initiate improvements. Players who have donned the Red Lion uniform over the past five decades have a proud tradition of meeting such challenges head on. The Rotarians had supported park renovations in 2017, the 50th anniversary year, through a grant they had obtained which was largely spent upgrading and beautifying the grandstand. With leftover funds falling well short of what was needed to replace the entire outfield fence, players and their families, both active and retired, came forward to spearhead the project to its conclusion. Local businesses, proud supporters of Red Lion baseball, were approached for additional funds and inkind materials and gave generously to the cause. A local baseball family offered a sizeable donation and asked for anonymity. The current coaching staff comprised of Chris and Jordan Brand, and Kevin Watamaniuk with off-field assistance from Chuck Keller organized the labor parties who toiled many hours to see the improvement project through. The finishing touches were not forgotten as the players whose numbers have been retired had their outfield boards replaced with fresh paint. As a parting tribute to the work effort of long time resident and Red Lion alumni Chuck Keller, a new sign towering above the scoreboard was erected. This last finishing touch had to wait until Mr. Keller had left for Europe so as not to face an objection from one of the League’s most noteworthy alumni. Regardless of where Chuck Keller may be in the years to come, he will always remain at the ballpark which bears his name and is an ongoing witness to the dedication and pride of all who have worn the uniform. Welcome to “Keller Field, Home of the Red Lions”.

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