Sherwood Park Athletics Have Arrived

The Sherwood Park Athletics arrived on the NCABL scene in 2010 amid much fanfare and high expectations from the graduating Midget AAA club who had represented Sherwood Park Minor Baseball at the highest minor league level.  Fast forward eleven years after following the steady evolution and development of this young club and one would have noticed a steady ascent to baseball stardom.  To become that star requires many attributes.  Baseball maturity is not a right of passage from one League to another.  Baseball maturity is earned through the patient application of dozens of intangibles associated with the game of baseball.  Experience is the capture of all on field moments, whether while gripping a piece of lumber as you await a 3-2 pitch or executing an infield shift to improve your chances at executing that double play.  Baseball experience is also the capture and control of the cadence and psychology of the game.

The mental game or game within the game is a true test of baseball maturity.  Therein lies the reason why a true champion cannot be crowned without having reached a level of baseball maturity worthy of the title being won.  That title can now be proudly affixed onto the caps of the Sherwood Park Athletics for they have arrived!  The Sherwood Park Athletics are true NCABL Champions.  

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